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Maternal and child live pavilion design, shopping is more 'open' _' Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-20
Clothes make the man, shop on the hardcover. Although can't go for looks, but the store decoration and design can really reflect the grade of the stores more or less. Design boutique maternal and child stores, can give a person a kind of goods are quality goods, goods not feeling particularly, liking virtually can ascend to the store. Hshelf shelves team, therefore, from the sense of quality, with warmth and practical as the theme, the humanized design and modern aesthetic into every corner of the maternal and child stores, eventually create unique personality maternal and child life pavilion. Words not much, see Hshelf shelves team together is how to design the maternal and child life hall ~ use opportunely alien space is not a complete meaning pattern of founder. In alien space, we use the flexibility of corner the register and the single side double column shelves, improve space utilization, and let alien look more lively, full of change. Color harmony with wooden ceiling and oak door, Hshelf choose oak color combination with white shelves, bright and pure and fresh, let whole space color looks more harmonious. Display vivid display is an art, but also a science. Hshelf by means of the effect of display on the shelves and commodities communication with customers. In sales area, island region, cashier area on the properties of different shapes, colors, commodity display partition, make the display more vivid, enhance products to attract customers. Relevant article recommended shelf factory answer: maternal and infant store shelves of choose and buy the skill from mother to child store shelves with what material is better? Open maternal and child stores use steel shelves?
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