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Maternal and child store shelves how to identify the good or bad _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-19
Shelves, shelves on the beach is known to all, and on the shelves of the effect is completely different, good effect on shelf in the goods on display are worlds apart. A, the development of maternal and infant stores now maternal and child stores everywhere, the development of maternal and infant stores also led to the development of maternal and infant store shelves, this is what we in maternal and child stores must be able to open. Maternal and child store shelves a maternal and infant products, mainly for filling it and small supermarket convenience store shelves, drugstore shelves in the pharmacy, the function of the supermarket shelves is the same. Second, maternal and child stores configuration according to the configuration can be pegged to the shelves and layer board, with shelves and without shelves arranged, with light boxes and without light box shelf. According to the layer according to its load capacity can be divided into light and heavy shelves. Three, maternal and child stores processing from store shelves are made of high quality cold rolled steel, surface electrostatic spraying process, corrosion/rust/strong and beautiful. Flexible way to assemble, install and disassemble because it is the floor of each layer can be adjusted ( You can also use glass layer board) , its various specifications and bearing design can meet the maternal and child stores, pharmacies and the use of the convenience store. Relevant article recommended the latest report: maternal and child supplies consumers more trust entity shop designed so that your maternal and child stores, happiness surge novice how to maternal and child stores open? It is necessary to know these four things
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