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Maternal and child stores also can do promotion _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
Want to improve the competitiveness of the maternal and child stores, sales promotion is a very effective means. So what on maternal and infant store promotion unknown little skill? Let guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturer to tell you. One, illusion, discount during sales promotion, customers feel that the quality of goods on sale will decline, so to adandon this doubt, give the customer a delusion: to buy is not discounted products, but the original goods, just doing activities. Practical application: during the activity, whatever customer shopping in this store, can be used 100 yuan to buy 150 dollars worth of goods. Advantage analysis: illusion discount change is essentially a way of discount, just appear in the form of obscure, compared with the direct sale, appear more artistic, more able to attract the attention of the customer. Second, limited-time discount as the saying goes, scarcity value, the duration of the sales promotion activity is too long, explain something special processing, customers won't have too much enthusiasm, so, in the promotion limited-time discount can be considered. Practical application: 'our morning 9:00 - 'All maternal and child products within 2 fold! 'Or' our shop opening during the activity, 9:00am - 17:00 PM, at the top of the hour, ten percent of all maternal and infant products! ”。 Advantage analysis: this kind of sales promotion methods seems to be cheated, but it can bring the popularity to maternal and child stores, can dig more potential customers. Three, ladder promote the product price is the same, not unified pricing, but with the passage of time, the discount less and less, cascade development, give the customer a kind of pressed for time. Practical application: maternal and infant stores big promotion, milk powder across the brand opening day 5 discount, 6 a discount on the second day, 3 day 7 discount. 。 。 。 。 。 Quantity is limited, first come first served! Promote the product advantage analysis, stepwise pricing way has a lot of, the store can be set according to their own actual situation, to ensure both attract customers and won't make a loss in the store. Relevant article recommended from store shelves of maternal and infant stores the importance of maternal and infant store shelves design: how to identify good shops maternal and child stores how to design more attractive?
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