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Maternal and child stores island which products display shelves for sale? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-19
We'll choose in maternal and child stores, many styles of maternal and infant shop shelves, the appearance of the maternal and infant store shelves, using the way is different also, decoration of the place is different also, today guangzhou Hshelf manufacturers to say maternal and child stores island display shelves: (to sell those goods A) Small volume. Island display shelves because of steel and wood structure, has a certain bearing, if too much is overweight is not suitable to place in the shelves, so generally smaller maternal and infant products can use island mother-to-child display shelf to sales. ( 2) The packing is good. Island display shelf is no surrounding edge, not suitable for sale not packaged goods, can be packaged products, not packaged products not sold on the island display shelf above. ( 3) Replenishment is convenient. Because island mother-to-child display shelves can be used as a promotion of maternal and infant store shelves, so the island display shelves of maternal and infant products is the need to add at any time, if a maternal and child products procurement not convenient also res island display shelves, the aim in order to better sales promotion products. ( 4) Volume: because there's no surrounding edge island display shelf, can well placed large goods on sale, bulky products can be sold on the island platform above water, so can't set aside space to maternal and child stores large goods.
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