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Medium shelf use instructions

by:Hshelf     2020-02-08
Instructions for the use of medium-sized shelves are named after the carrying capacity of the Hshelf Shop Shelving, usually the shelves carry 150- 500/kg, the product has beautiful appearance, convenient structure and less floor space, and can be combined, installed and disassembled at will, making it easy to place objects. It has a wide range of uses and is suitable for large, medium and small enterprises, such as electronic, clothing and other industrial warehouses. Today, Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd. will introduce you to the instructions for the use of medium-sized shelves. 1. The total load of medium-sized shelves is generally not more than 2500, and the load of each floor is 100- Between 500, the height is generally within, the depth is not more than, and the span is usually not more than 2. 6 meters. 2. If the span of medium-sized shelves is more than, only beam-type medium-sized shelves can be selected; If the unit shelf span is less than 500 and the floor load is less than, it is usually more appropriate to choose a medium Shelf shelf without beams. 3, there are beam-type medium-sized shelves with strong industrial characteristics, which are more suitable for storing metal structure products. The shelf is widely used and suitable for all walks of life; Compared with the beam-Free medium-sized Hshelf Shop Shelving and the beam-type medium-sized shelves, the layer spacing is more adjustable, more beautiful, more stable, and better coordinated with the environment, and more suitable for some warehouses with high cleanliness requirements. 4. Its surface is treated by electrostatic powder spraying, which is rust-proof and corrosion-proof, firm and durable. The Steel laminate can be adjusted up and down in units of 50mm to meet various use requirements. The above introduces the instructions for the use of medium-sized Hshelf Shop Shelving. Everyone has a certain understanding. It can be seen that the medium-sized shelves are sturdy and easy to use. You can choose the appropriate medium-sized shelves according to your needs. In addition, friends who need medium-sized shelves can consult Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd.

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