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Medium-sized shelves a wider range of application

by:Hshelf     2020-06-08
Medium-sized supermarket shelves:

is to use the structure of the column and beam articulated, both for the plug type combination, beam and layer board 75 mm is adjustable. Simple structure, miss butterfly hole design, easy to tear open outfit. Use C steel column; Use P steel beams; Layer board is made of cold rolled steel plate; Surface treatment: pickling phosphating electrostatic pensu splice composite structure, the standard set of plug-ins, simple structure, good appearance. Without any bolt, easy installation and removal. Arbitrary pitch adjustment for 50 mm.

supermarket shelf factory is to when people don't know how to handle for the items of the accumulation of, discovered the shelves, the shelves convenient life, also promote the social, the social from all walks of life we can see the existence of the shelves. Such as the placement of mall supermarket goods shelves, and used to store the goods in the factory, or processing of finished products are made of shelves to store. Shelves mainly by the pillar, rung, column width and layer board composition, characteristic also has a lot of, for example, a screw connection, convenient assembly and safe, appearance beautiful, generous, very convenient access to artificial objects. On the one hand, is a good management can avoid a lot of unnecessary loss, on the other hand also has greatly increased the prestige in the masses in the heart. Shelves, the shelves of the upper and lower end is conducted by bolt connection, medium-sized shelves can have very good stability, medium-sized shelves on the bear ability is very strong, because it is the number of layers can be very high, this also makes the medium shelf deposit quantity is large, solved the lightweight shelves under less of a disadvantage. Medium-sized shelves not only tear open outfit is convenient, save time and effort; Cost-effective; But also to add and subtract layers, adjustable height, high shelf stability; Unlimited connections to save space and cost; Meet the different needs of the masses.
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