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Modern Concepts of Retail Pharmacy Shelving Units

Modern Concepts of Retail Pharmacy Shelving Units


Whether you are building a new pharmacy, remodeling an existing one converting an idle commercial space into a pharmacy, or just upgrading your current pharmacy shelving units with newer or more innovative features, you can simply reap some benefits by learning from those who have similar experiences. As the owner or manager of the pharmacy, when construction or alteration of the pharmacy begins, it may surprise you that the planning phase usually requires much more time to complete than the actual construction phase.

Modern retail pharmacy shelving is infinitely adaptable due to its modular structure, so pharmacy owners can mix and match components to get exactly what they need. Today's shelves involve modern concept designs that are flexible, save space and make the interior of a pharmacy more attractive and organized.


Benefits of Today's Pharmacy Shelving Units

They have a modular structure

Modern pharmacy shelving units are rugged, durable, and built to last, so pharmacy owners can rearrange as needed. The modular structure allows you to easily change settings to make better use of the space and "refresh" the layout of the customer area when needed.

They feature precision designs

Modern pharmacy shelves are designed with precision in mind, so components can be put together immediately, creating an attractive "permanent" environment almost immediately. As a result, it's easy to build retail pharmacy shelving that fit well together, but easy to disassemble and reassemble into different configurations with different looks and material combinations (such as wood, wood laminate, plastic, or metal).

They are built to be space-saving

Today's pharmacy shelves can hold more products than traditional systems, requiring less pharmacy space. Pharmacy shelving units can be quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate product packages of different sizes, making efficient use of space.

They can be used with standard prescription trays

Certain retail pharmacy shelves can effectively work with prescription trays and are easy to adjust. So the drugs do not need to be removed from their trays when they're relocated.


Keep Your Customer Area Welcoming with Modern Pharmacy Shelving Units

Today's modern shelving is more than just for your pharmacy workspace. The layout and appearance of the customer area are also important. Therefore, contemporary retail pharmacy shelving has the following characteristics:

They come in A variety of colors

The decor of your pharmacy can be sterile, warm, and welcoming to your customers. Today's pharmacy shelving units come in a variety of colors to enhance the interior design of your pharmacy with a fresh, professional look that is not "institutional" at all.

They are highly customizable

Although pharmacy shelves can be purchased "as is" in various combinations to create a unique look for the pharmacy, pharmacy owners can also tailor it based on their pharmacy's layout and design. This will not only make the front of the pharmacy store more inviting, but it will also bring more convenience to both pharmacy owners and their customers.

They are available in slotted back panels

The slotted back panel enables immediate adjustment of retail pharmacy shelving with decorative tubing to create a finished and professional look.

They have contoured shelf edges

Today's pharmacy shelving units come with adjustable contoured shelf edges. Shelves can be placed flat or tilted to improve product visibility.


Ideas for Modern Retail Pharmacy Shelving Units

Gondola shelving

This classic shelving system is the "main force" of the pharmaceutical industry, with a variety of heights and widths and adjustable options. Gondola pharmacy shelves are your first choice for your pharmacy. Rugged and made of steel, the sturdy construction and adjustable shelves make them completely reliable and configurable to your needs. Updating retail pharmacy shelving by choosing gondola shelving will make it easier to create beautiful shopping areas that attract customers.

Pharmacy under-counter cabinets

Pharmacy under-counter cabinets can make your work in the pharmacy more efficient, so you can fill out prescriptions and do paperwork while serving customers. Today's pharmacy workstations are versatile and can take advantage of small spaces to meet a variety of needs.

Endcap units

Endcap units are placed at the end of the pharmacy shelving units to make use of every available space. Products placed on an endcap for sale will sell at a much faster pace than products not on the endcap. An endcap is a partner of gondola retail pharmacy shelving. End caps are often built into the shelving or racks of the retail aisle. Other pharmacy retailers will leave an open space at the end of the aisle. The pharmacy owners can configure them as needed to change their store layout and promote sales.

Slatwall panel displays

The slatwall panels of the pharmacy shelving units help maximize the size of your pharmacy and showcase your products where you see fit and provide the best visibility. Slat wall panels are easy to install, rugged and versatile, and can be customized with accessories such as slatted wall baskets, bins, brackets, and shelves.

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