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Use Retail Gondola shelving Units to Enhance Your Store Displays

Use Retail Gondola shelving Units to Enhance Your Store Displays


Whether you are opening a new store or planning to renovate an old store to make it more attractive to customers, you may need shelving units that are appealing and can maximize the space of the whole stores. Retail shelving are one of the most reliable shelving structures. You can utilize gondola shelving units to enhance your retail displays.

Why Should You Choose Retail Gondola Shelving Units?

The gondola shelving is a very versatile form of merchandising. Here are five benefits of using this form of shelving:

1. They are safe shelving options.

The heavy T-shaped uprights in the middle of the double-sided bracket can firmly keep the shelf structure staying in place and leave enough space under the base to maintain cleanness. Therefore, gondola shelving should be made to comply with health and safety regulations. When inspectors come in to check your store, you don't have to worry about any safety issues.

2. They fit almost any retail store.

Whether you run a store with a limited area or a shop with hundreds of square meters, retail gondola shelving units are the right option for you. They have a modular design, which means you can add or easily reduce the number of upper shelves as needed. If your store is a smaller one, you can make use of the narrow aisle using double-sided or single-sided gondola shelving units. In this way, you can take advantage of the wall space and the central space, leaving only a suitable gap between the shelves for the convenience of the customer.

3. They can maximize the retail store space.

Gondola shelving accessories, although strong when fastened to a pegboard or slat wall, can be easily removed. This means that you can adjust the retail gondola shelving units as needed and effectively increase the shelf space. This makes the display system very effective. The customers can easily notice and quickly access their needed products. Using the most suitable gondola shelving units maximizes product exposure, making it easier for customers to find the right product.

4. They accommodate different types of products.

If you have a wide range of products to display, you can easily change the design of your gondola shelving. This will be very helpful for convenience stores and service stations. These types of retail stores can make full use of flat metal pegboard or volcanic metal pegboard. For example, do you pack products in boxes? You can use metal retail gondola shelving units to place these products. Do you have products in sachets? You can use gondola shelving units with a wire front fence. Do you need to hang some products? Use a variety of different metal hooks on pegboards. You can use these shelves and hooks according to the size and height of the product you want to display.

5. They help display product information and discount promotions

Flat data strips can easily be attached at the front face of the gondola shelving to directly show the prices, product information, and discount promotions to your customers.


Are You Effectively Utilizing Your Retail Gondola Shelving Units?

Retail gondola shelving units are almost ubiquitous in the retail store. Unfortunately, we see it being abused frequently. Each square meter of your store is expensive - you can't afford to waste it. Therefore, the effective use of gondola shelving units can be an important thing. We are here to help you.

Plan carefully

Before designing a gondola shelf, consulting experts first is essential. One of the most persistent complaints about the gondola shelf is its complexity in design. Even resetting the planogram on an existing gondola can be a daunting task, and reconfiguring the store layout can cause anger. However, well-designed retail gondola shelving units that take into account long-term use and traffic patterns can ensure that frustration is minimized.

Consider your inventory

You should seriously consider inventory. Never let your shelves be poorly stocked. Sparsely-stocked shelves can give your customers the impression you don’t have what they need or, worse still, that you’re having trouble meeting your bills.

Maximize your gondola end caps

We mentioned earlier that inflexibility is a common complaint about the gondola shelving. Correct shelf design and planning can directly solve this problem, and the use of the proper fixtures on the retail gondola shelving units can also help address this problem. However, it is worth noting that the gondola end cap provides another exception to this rule. They are very good at driving impulse purchases with their appealing location and small sizes. Reset and maximize your end caps on the gondola shelving units frequently to move old inventory, emphasize promotions, and keep the layout innovative.

Take your time with visual merchandising

The end caps, in turn, brought us into visual marketing. Not only are the shelves available in a wider range of colors than before, but they can also be complemented by custom lighting, graphics, signage, and many other incidental materials. All of these can help you highlight your products and give your customers unique shopping experiences.

Find innovative solutions

We know that retail gondola shelving units are the backbone of many stores. We have even designed a unique snake-shaped gondola that is easy to configure and provides a seductive look in irregular spaces. Finally, we would like to remind you of one last point which is important: gondola shelving units are the key part of many retail layouts, but they need to be considered in combination with actual conditions. They are not a panacea.

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