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Multifunctional storage trolley

Multifunctional storage trolley


This multifunctional storage trolley is suitable for many occasions, beauty salons, shopping malls, including home. Let the sundries also have their own exclusive space, so that the home space becomes larger than expected. Using high-quality plastic steel, stylish and beautiful appearance, a variety of styles, you can choose, the wheels are designed with swivels,  It can be driven freely at 360 degrees, which is convenient, flexible, noiseless, durable and wear-resistant. Silent universal wheel, smooth, tires are made of industrial wear-resistant rubber, good adaptability to the road surface, easy to disassemble.

Large-capacity storage box, say goodbye to clutter, and make neatness a habit.

Five reasons to buy:
1. Strengthen the bracket (high quality steel pipe anti-corrosion and anti-rust)
2. Rest assured storage (guard rail design to prevent items from falling)
3. Multifunctional storage (kitchen, living room, bedroom can be used)
4. Strong load-bearing capacity (strong load-bearing, heavy objects can also be easily stored)
5. Easy to move (free rotation, easy to move)

Hollow design, automatic drain, easy to clean, not afraid of stains

01 Double screw design, double protection is stable and strong
02 Strong load-bearing effect
03 One-piece elbow, refuse to splice, stable and firm, easy to install
04 Bold steel pipe with strong load-bearing capacity, can carry 60 kg of objects

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