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Of merit goods with high end supermarket shelves island common problems and solutions

by:Hshelf     2020-06-15
1, ask: what is the main base frame, vice frame? A: the most foundation shelves, the frame, or sub-frame is rack (not containing layer board beam hook, The frame: made up of two columns section 1 independent shelves, vice frame: by section 1 of the columns and other accessories not independent shelves, not independence, must be attached on the frame to use) ; What size of 2, q: shelves? A: length 1000 mm, 660 mm wide, high 1500 mm3, ask: how do you sell shelf? A: sold by the section; 4, ask: what is 1 day shelf? Answer: 1 section shelves 1020 mm long, 660 mm wide, high 1520 mm5, ask: what is 1 set of shelves? Answer: 1 day or more than one section of shelves together is called the group; 6, q: what is the double island? A: as the name suggests, is both sides can put the goods shelves, also is put stores the middle shelves; 7, q: with double island? The distribution layer board with a few layers? With beam hook with a few layers? A: can match wooden floor board, with beam hook, with the cooperage, with six wooden box; Double island with layer board Suggestions with five layers, each layer spacing 27 cm; With beam tied to suggest with 4 layers, each layer spacing of 27 cm, each layer of beam advice with six hook ( If product increase xiaoke) ; 8, ask: what is the end? A: double island (on both ends Two head) Some called the end frame; 9, q: : how you end frame? Answer: the end frame can match layer board, can also be linked with beams, the freedom to choose; 10 q: end frame layer board, tied to what are the specifications? Answer: the end frame layer width is 250 mm, so the whole layer end frame specifications are: 660 mm * 250 mm * 1500 mm high, wide side beams hook width is 150 mm, so the whole hook end frame specifications are: 660 mm * 150 mm * 1500 mm wide, 11, q: how to calculate the price to buy the order? A: how many parts to calculate how many money, or contact customer service to tell customer service section do you want a few shelves, how each shelf is tie-in, do not understand how to match the direct consultation service;
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