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Of the seven characteristics of supermarket shelves, and matters needing attention of choose and buy

by:Hshelf     2020-05-19
Introduction: the supermarkets in China has developed to a high degree, can be said to be can see downstairs to go out, and often there are several supermarkets in a village then, between the development of supermarket in China is how quickly, may be the cause of our fellow domestic number is more! But this is not we need to know, what we need is the characteristics and the development of supermarket shelves

with the improvement of economic level, the steps of the supermarket industry also in leap, large and small supermarket, also gradually to expand their business scope and scale. Supermarket shelves is the carrier of supermarket goods, on the key issues, deeply the general friend's attention. Supermarket shelves, what are the standard supermarket shelves with guangzhou factory, we have to get to know about it.

supermarket shelves shelves seven characteristics of matters needing attention of choose and buy one, supermarket shelves, seven major features: 1. To create the atmosphere of a serious and efficient. 2. Channel on the basis of traffic need and design, can make full use of the space. 3. Customers can easily tell if a product category and distribution characteristics of easy to choose and buy. 4. Easy to adopt standardized shelves, can save cost. 5. Is advantageous to the shop assistant and customer cooperation, simplifying commodity management and security work. 6 welding, supermarket shelves pillar and footings connected, increase the shelves coefficient of insurance, to prevent the shelf handles in gradient under strong condition, eliminate mall hidden danger;

7, supermarket shelves, good commonality, equipped with a wide variety of goods on display special accessories, meet the demands of comprehensive supermarket. Second, the customer to choose the supermarket items are need to be aware of: supermarket shelves generally suitable for supermarkets, warehouse stores, etc. In addition to the goods, along with a variety of containers, trolley, supermarket shelves cargo handling equipment and so on.

1, supermarket shelves, each layer of the space and the load is bigger than ordinary commercial shelves, because some things can be set, so must heighten bearing.

2, supermarket shelves on the convenient to replace parts labels

3, supermarket shelves, the overall size neat, smooth lines, color striking, let customers look clean, neat, comfortable, better shopping.

4, supermarket shelves have a lot of accessories, suitable for display all kinds of goods, such as: clothes, shoes, vases, stationery, tools, etc.

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