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Open a shop you must know stores display skills! _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Stores display is the art of creating transfer value, as a boss, display of skill, we must know the guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturer small make up today to bring a 'stores open a shop you must know display skills' a three purposes, merchandise display show the image of the brand image of brand and culture connotation, express the company's concept of consumption. Brand style localization demonstrate the features of the commodity, good store display will enhance the taste of the store. Attract the passenger flow, simple and convenient to improve sales store display is the first way of promotion. 2, goods display four basic forms contrast: vibrant commodities next to put a color darker, obvious contrast. Thus, two pieces of goods must be by foil each other, and appear more attractive. And contrast display has a strong shock, not only give a person the certainty, but also can deepen the customer's impression. Symmetric: display no power, but a sense of security. So, in the quantity, can use this way. Rhythm: with large and small, big, small, or warm, cold, warm, cold, etc, to do interval arrangement, can produce a kind of rhythmic movement, this can attract customer's eyes. The collocation of conciliatory: size, sometimes have a feeling of harmonic, it applies quantity is small. 3, you need to follow the five basic principles 1, will display in the customer's desired area and reach place, correlation between profit should be displayed in the customer's visual commodities, alternative equal the height of the shelves ( The gold display point) 。 2, according to the sales trends or activity promotion, timely, adjust the display with a purpose. 3, from the overall, global, pay attention to the overall beauty, makes every effort to do it: the image is bright, focused, theme prominent main body and administrative levels, the whole show full of novelty, to make every customer feel the spirit of stores and tidy. 4, reasonable use of colour collocation from esthetics Angle, achieve the harmonious unification. 5, commodity display, according to the series and stage to display do brand focus, through up and down; Date of production, must be considered to be first in first out. Relevant article recommended how to display a convenience store shelves to attract customers from store shelves display the four elements of stationery store display display shelves
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