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Practical Ways to Help You Increase Sales Through the Shopping Baskets

Practical Ways to Help You Increase Sales Through the Shopping Baskets


As a store retailer, have you ever been bothered by these situations? If a customer in your store tries to buy more than 3 or so non-hangered, mid-sized items then they are already struggling. And once that person has run out of hands and elbow crooks to hold their products, they will stop browsing and head for the checkout. The bad news for retailers is that less than 10% of customers pick up the basket they need to end the juggling act - meaning potential sales are lost just because of our human anatomy. Through 20 years’ experience of retail equipment manufacturing and constant feedback from our customers, Hshelf provides you several practical ways to help you increase sales with the shopping baskets. 

shopping baskets

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Put baskets where customers can see them

         Crucially, don't put them in the Transition Zone - otherwise known the store entrance - this is not the best place to place your shopping baskets. Customers won't really "see" them in this area of the establishment as they are still acclimatizing to the new surroundings they've just walked into - and hence are likely to breeze by without stopping. Place the baskets a little further inside and get that measly 10% figure up, whilst increasing sales in your retail store.

shopping baskets

Place shopping baskets throughout the store

There is a reason people end up juggling a few items in their hands. It's because they didn't expect to be buying more than what they came in for. Your customers may enter your retail store with one purchase in mind but subsequently be lured into buying more things, either out of impulse or because they suddenly remember they need an extra this or that. You want to accommodate these rapid changes in plan by dotting baskets around where they are most needed. Remember also to keep your stacks of baskets high enough so as not to inconvenience your customers - nobody likes stooping when they have their hands full.

shopping baskets

Have your employees offer baskets to customers carrying more than 3 items

The likely response is a smile from your customer (people like being helped) and a grateful acceptance of the shopping basket. After all, holding a basket is preferable to being hampered with no hands left to touch and read other items in the store. When this technique was trialed in a discount drugstore, customers almost unanimously accepted the baskets and the average sale value increased too.

shopping baskets

Put the basket itself to the test

Think about how baskets feel for the user. Are you a grocery store or supermarket manager still using traditional metal mesh baskets? Do they bash against your thigh uncomfortably when they get too heavy? Or perhaps the two straight handles that come to meet in the middle cut into the palm of your hand? How would your customer go about putting in a slim, small item in like chewing gum without it falling through the gaps? In this case think about switching to plastic baskets with only one large handle, they are lighter, and some even come with wheels. Make carrying items a little easier for your customers. As we've already pointed out - the more basket usage, the more sales.

shopping baskets

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