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Placement of supermarket shelves

Placement of supermarket shelves


There is no doubt about the promotion effect of a variety of goods in supermarkets on sales. Some data show that good shelf placement in supermarkets can increase sales by 24% on average. Let's learn how to put the shelves in the supermarket with Hshelf.

1. The supermarket shelf should be well matched

Because the atmosphere and color of the supermarket area are different, it is necessary to choose the appropriate supermarket shelf collocation for placing. If the color of the product is relatively single, you can choose the dark color of the shelf, otherwise, if the color of the product is bright, the color of the shelf is gray series. The main function of the shelf is to display the goods, so we don't recommend too bright colors to prevent the guests from dominating the host.

products and shelves

2. The supermarket shelf should be well placed with a series of products

Supermarket shelf series products should be placed vertically, if they are placed horizontally, customers will feel very inconvenient when selecting a certain commodity. Because of the rule of human vision, it is convenient to move up and down vertically, and the line of sight is 25 ° between the top and the bottom. Customers can clearly see the goods on the 1-5 shelves when they select the goods from 30 cm to 50 cm away from the shelf. Practice has proved that the effect of the two displays is really different. Vertical placement can make the series of products reflect the linear serialization, so that customers can see clearly. The vertical placement of series products will increase the sales volume of 20-80% of the commodities. In addition, vertical placement also helps to give each brand a fair and reasonable opportunity to compete.

place products

3. The supermarket shelf pays attention to the golden section on the shelf

The key to improve daily sales is the sales ability of gold segment on the shelf. According to a survey, the sales volume of commodities will change as follows: the sales moved from the bottom to the top will all rise, and those moved from the top to the bottom will fall. The survey is not conducted on the same commodity, so the conclusion cannot be used as a universal truth, but the superiority of the "upper paragraph" position is obvious.


4. The supermarket shelf should be well placed in the cash register

Some small goods can be placed near the shelves of the supermarket cash register, which are likely to be noticed by customers while they are waiting to check out. Therefore, the general supermarket cash register will be equipped with a small front rack to place such small commodities as chewing gum and batteries. It is suggested to place some commodities that are easy to be forgotten, hard to find or relatively novel.

cash register

The above is the placement of supermarket shelves. For more info please connect support@Hshelf.com.

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