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Seconds kill authentic jade jewelry display case

by:Hshelf     2020-06-09
Jade is a more extensive, each have each characteristic each jade, really what is called the jade? At the current understanding of it as long as the ornamental value and craft value will be away. Jade to good or bad, a little bit more simple said is a review of its value, to a layman to assess how much the value of it, almost impossible, it needs to have certain experience and tao jade veteran can, in my opinion, the key is to oneself to like, so filled up with all kinds of jade jewelry and jade article display ark, but you fall in love at first sight for a particular model, this is the line often said that a & other; With jade predestined friends, pay attention to a word throughout the &; 。 On the market of the most famous and controversial five kinds of hetian jade, dushan jade, green jade jade jade, jade, Burma. The name of the first four is domestic jade, & other; Hetian jade & throughout; Produced in xinjiang, and other Dushan jade & throughout; Produced in dushan county, henan province, & other; Green pine jade & throughout; Produced in yunxian county, hubei & other; Jade & throughout; From liaoning xiuyan county, & other; Burma jade & throughout; Of course produced in myanmar. We also often with order jewelry and jade article reveals ark customers consult jade pick method, but everyone's answer is almost the same, all jade evaluation standard is both complicated and vague, now in the jadeite jade jade, for example to see jade commonly used evaluation standards, the six standard in the industry, is & other; Color, transparent, uniform throughout, shape, type, according to the &; , but not a two words can say clear, the following simple instructions on several key industry. 1, color. Many shopkeepers do jewelry and jade article reveals ark light requirement is very high, also is very exquisite, if you are more careful, you can find jewelry display ark and other products showcase exquisite and light color slightly different. Usually display cabinet lights in green, purple, yellow, for the best, why? Because if choose emerald green, yellow, purple, emerald value evaluation is much higher, if three colors appear at the same time, the color is more pure, more bright, more full value is higher, if it is one single color, as long as the plain area is larger, the more symmetrical, of course, also will be affected by a lot of people like. 2, transparency, this is easy to understand, that is to say the lightness comes higher the better, no longer give details. 3, quality of a material, how to understand the standard? For example, two people of different skin stand together, a skin smooth, no defects; And b the skin pore is bulky, and there are black, acne, etc. , which one would you like? So the quality of a material is like a metaphor of human skin. 4, there can be no crack, hisui is more sensitive to crack, of course, there can be no black spots and black pieces, etc. , otherwise will seriously affect the score of jade. Between so, so in the jewelry and jade article reveals ark directly above will have the design of the lintel, lintel have lights shone, the customer can pick up your hand jade looking after if there is any crack. 5, process. The way of good, people don't teach failing, not carved jade abrasive. Jade carving craft excellent performance in proportion coordination, art of using saber is exquisite, smooth lines, etc.
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