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Shelf company - Warehouse planning and design - 9 big principle

by:Hshelf     2020-06-09
Shelf company - Warehouse planning - planning and design principle of 9 big warehouse - 9 big principle 1. Shelf company - Warehouse planning and design - 9 big principle design and time in the main channel function area divided into l l l l fast-moving products reasonable distance l used to counter l position, divided into the ground line unified identity card management l l l map layout, and update 2. The division of reservoir area, position 2. 1 area, channel, qualifying division and line 2. 1. 1 divided area: according to the warehouse storage and warehouse operation state of the quality of the goods category classification warehouse area: l storage area: normal product area, damaged goods area, processing area. Three types of area cannot be divided on a continuous interval, unless for specific isolated intermediate use markup. N is product producing areas: according to the brand division; Can be divided into A, B, C, D area n momentum cargo area: near the warehouse door, stock up on the delivery path; N pending area ( Return of the goods and refused) N of goods damaged area: with red rope or belt in isolation, away from the normal products. N motor area: in strict accordance with the management of qualifying, with mobile area deployment. L tool area: n loading and unloading tools storage n carton ( Turnover box) Storage area n clean tool storage area n equipment storage area ( Point) When l such as zoning, need to set aside from wall ( 50厘米) And the column spacing ( 10 - 20CM) 。 2. 1. Divided into 2 channels: according to the demands of erosion &deposition behavior and loading and unloading homework to the division of channel: l main width 1. 5 - 2 meters, is for the library door line and warehouse location. L according to the size of the storage of goods in bulk determine the channel. A wide channel 1. 0 - 1. 5 meters. L need to meet the handling tools, goods in and out of the channel width and the needs of the researchers. 2. 1. 3 divide warehouse should be according to the unified method of qualifying position l position in the direction of the unified: for the convenience of warehouse management, in the library position, divided into the same area set, the place should be unified, l the width of the position should be unified as far as possible, the size of the library position adjustments according to the size of the storage products and batch; Try to be in normal conditions within each qualifying only store or a brand's goods. Ranking in the width of 1. 0 - 1. 2M。 2. 1. 4 lines, partition, qualifying marking method refer to the following line implementation guidelines. 2. 2 reservoir area crossed implementation guidelines
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