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Shelf factory analyze the design of storage shelves for you

by:Hshelf     2020-05-27
Factory for you to analyze the design of storage shelves shelves factory for you to analyze the design according to the primary storage shelves shelves planning reflect in terms of storage shelves, storage shelves of stress analysis and calculation is the point of this technology. Its planning according to the first start from the following aspects: 1. Force live load, live load refers to the items placed in storage shelves and the weight of the pallet, also involves roof of snow, The rain) Load. 2. Force constant load: constant load, it is the weight of the structure of storage shelves themselves cohesion C payments, purlin, room and room, roof panel, wall panel component. 3. Vertical impact load: refers to the impact load produced while stacker check goods. 4. Wind load: is the point of integral stereoscopic warehouse stress calculation. Generally speaking, the integral stereoscopic warehouse is reasonable and effective use of space for investors, so the height of the monolithic stereoscopic warehouse is higher, usually ratio: L ( Height) = 1. 5 - - - - - - - 2 w ( The width) So that the safety of warehouse under the action of wind load is an important goal. On the impact of wind load on storage shelves pillar of accounting will usually end by steel structure stress calculation software together to choose mechanical system simulation and theoretical calculation. 5. Seismic LieDu: press GBJ11 - 89 'code for seismic planning of buildings to fulfill, usually take seismic LieDu fortification level for level 7. Storage shelves structure should be according to the above the whammy of load effect combination planning. Integral stereoscopic warehouse storage shelves in planning structure, give special attention to the combination of the following two whammy of load, wind load effect of the stress of the whole database under no-load condition; Under horizontal seismic action when all libraries full of stress. Else, think to distribution of goods to the warehouse of energetic, namely the warehouse side load, on the other side of no-load condition, the stress of the toes in warehouse. Although there is a warehouse shelves planning register theory of goods distribution; While in the introduction to the use of the warehouse has rules of goods in the warehouse of the distribution check as maybe even, but we think it is necessary to bad when planning of accounting of may. Shelf factory set up earlier, experience, excellent equipment and technology. Do your warehouse planning staff!
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