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Shelf factory to explain in detail the characteristics of storage shelves and maintenance methods

by:Hshelf     2020-05-26
Shelf factory to explain in detail the characteristics and maintenance method of storage shelves shelves factory to explain in detail the characteristics and maintenance method of storage shelves storage shelf can be divided into: lightweight storage shelves, storage shelves in the amount and attic shelf, beam type shelf, etc. Medium shelving to butterfly lock hole structure, has the device for lunch, need not strong, put goods attack by pressure on natural characteristic of fixed. Attic shelves is strongly professional, collaborative structure compact shelves, loft-style shelves superiority is occupied area is small, efficiency is high, products access to the function of the available space transformation, overloading, by combining light load, in electronic machinery, food, medicine, cars, hardware and other wide like a lot of work. The characteristics of storage shelves: 1. Storage shelves, not easy deformation, bearing capacity strong cohesion, dismantling a brief 2. Three-dimensional structure, can make full use of warehouse space, forward warehouse capacity utilization, expand the warehouse storage ability; 3. Goods access bento, can do the first, the choice of one hundred percent talent, turnover of stock in circulation; 4. Storage shelves of goods, be clear at a glance, easy to check, it is very important to distinguish, measure and so on work; 5. Meet the goods in large quantities, need to meet a wide range of storage and processing, cooperation mechanical handling things, can do the same storage and handling work orderly; 6. Deposited in the shelves of goods, kneading, each material losses small, can be in good condition to ensure the function of the material itself, in the reduction of goods in storage link may lose; 7. Guarantee the quality of stored goods, can adopt the way such as moistureproof, dustproof, guard against damage, and quality of incoming material storage before; 8. Meet the modern company low cost, low loss, high efficiency of the logistics supply chain processing needs. , storage shelves, keep maintenance measures: 1, the produce quality assurance choose excellent materials is to make sure the freight with a base of stature, of the environment also think about its use. Habits of materials under different environment is different, if is outdoor use, we need to think to prevent bask in, rain, etc. , of different material shelf to the shelf life spans have a vital role to apply. 2 safety standards, using the shelves has its deadweight scale, assuming that exceeds its size will impact on the shelf has a harmful effect become old, yea, even directly paralysis. A stored procedure, therefore, should not beyond the capacity of shelves, light items put top, put the bottom heavy items, prevent DE don't pawn; Evenly placed goods, have put the goods above operators don't directly into the bottom of the storage shelves. Using storage shelves of safety norms also is a important way to extend its use full. 3, maintenance, maintenance adhere to the warehouse to ensure orderly, reasonable settling, lighting, prevent staff or forklift in storage to storage shelves form harm; The security check regularly, if you have found the problem technology processing; There is touch firing falls for paint and rust should be performed even if derusting paint processing.
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