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Shelves in the prospects for development in logistics

by:Hshelf     2020-05-26
Shelves in logistics development prospects with economic integration and the successful accession to the wto, our country economy got a rapid development. The introduction of modern logistics concept, also makes the storage tends to be diversified in all walks of life, stacking pallet, ordinary shelves, mobile racking, weight racking, into type shelf, top shelf, automatic stereoscopic warehouse logistics equipment facilities have been widely used in various enterprises. Which, with high efficiency, large storage density and free pickup, mature technology and so on the characteristic of high-quality shelves and won numerous users favor generally. 1. Storage shelves of application: the application of the technology: compared with the original Angle steel shelves, modern logistics storage shelves improve technical content is self-evident. Just the convenience degree of the rationality of the design of its structure and installation showed the superiority of it is there for all to see. Safe and efficient application: because of its technology, and people shelves on the premise of guarantee the absolute security has greatly increased the storage density and makes access more convenient and quick. So as to realize the combination of high efficiency and security. Differentiation of application: considering the diversification of user requirements, and shelves in all kinds of products on the basis of standard specifications can be tailor-made for the customer is more suitable for non-standard products in order to reach the effect of storage. 2. Shelves development present situation and prospects: on the regional distribution, 60% of the world's elevated storage and distribution in Europe, but the Asian market, especially market is rising rapidly. In market development, as a result of the comprehensive function of the modern logistics and storage shelves with strong, the market demand growth has risen steadily. Each big shelves manufacturers of input on the technical side would increase, technology updates faster. Demand is mostly concentrated in the developed economy, the rapid development of logistics in coastal and inland cities, such as, shenzhen, Shanghai, suzhou, Beijing, tianjin, Qingdao, changchun and other places and its surrounding areas. Industry is relatively concentrated in machinery, automobile, electronics, medicine, logistics and warehousing. Especially with the successful accession to the wto, the country's emphasis on logistics and warehousing development and capital investment increase makes it a surge in demand for modern logistics storage shelves for several times. Because the shelves with high technical content, the safety coefficient is big, the shelves of manufacturers seldom have this kind of production capacity. Believe that with the rapid growth of economy, logistics industry growing, the development of modern logistics storage shelves prospects will be better and better
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