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by:Hshelf     2020-06-20
Needed for the purpose of the supermarket is not just to fill oneself life, more the pursuit of the enjoyment of process, emotional satisfaction. 'Experience' and 'individuation' becomes upgrade version of one of the key words of the era of experience economy. At present, many traditional retail market is seeking transformation, its transformation and equipment renewal is Paramount, this makes the supermarket shelves modelling design is particularly important. Fruits and vegetables area: stainless steel + cany box fruit and vegetable fruit large amounts of random display shelf break ever in the inherent impression of fruit and vegetable shelf, freezing fresh vegetables with cling film packaging of orderly display in fruits and vegetables on the shelf. And to match the colour of profusion of vegetable, and the overall highlight the healthy concept of green, the color of the fruit and vegetable with a stainless steel frame + warm yellow, on the visual display are beautiful and fresh impression for the customer. Coarse grain area: solid wood pile head frame pile head of completely real wood frame, wood grain color natural, ecological and healthy lifestyle. Cosmetic area: wood and glass combination of steel and wood real wood, glass shelves mix of new shelves, namely retained the texture of the log, the use of glass material and increased the shelf display appear a gender. Intense aromas of dark grey steel shelves combined with light gray modern ceramic tile ground, conform to the style of modern young people to enjoy. More about shelf displays related knowledge search 'Hshelf shelves WeChat public number (' Small program) Use your hands look, learn more about supermarkets, convenience stores, store shelves, such as knowledge. ^- ^ !
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