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Shelves: stores use shelves buggies effect

by:Hshelf     2020-05-27
Connected to one thing and the client in October to my shop to buy a batch of shelves buggies, after the installation is complete because the job is busy have not been able to go to store to know the usage of the clients. Today the customer again to my shop, said after using our shelves, can also, still want to order a few shelves in the middle, requires level 1300 you can; On a number of shelves are placed according to the wall, the middle empty out, so now want to add some shelves; Finally through communication with customers, to determine the shelves specification is 2000 * 800 * 1300 * 2 h layer, surface spray orange; Three days later, shelves, I directly to customers in the shop, and give him good installation, the stroller on the shelves; The effect of the whole store is out now, very shocked, led me unexpected, is beyond my imagination, now to share the shop use all buggies effect after using our shelves, in this site, please search shelves buggies.
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