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Shelves - Why would paint storage shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-27
Shelves - Why would paint storage shelves? Shelves - Why would paint storage shelves? I think most of the factory warehouse with the shelves, and most of the warehouse shelves is off paint, because in the process of handling the goods will inevitably stuttering, so more or less off the paint, but this is just one of the reasons. There is another reason, according to my analysis is some clients blindly covet is cheap, and ignore the quality of the storage shelves and professional design requirements, this warehouse shelves of choose and buy, not only easy to paint, but also easy to deformation, so the designer's point of view, the design of the shelves must follow these principles to choose the high quality steel, surface rust and decorative treatment, the use of performance under the premise of ensure shelves, as far as possible to reduce the project cost. Considering weight distribution caused by the deformation, stacker or forklift movement caused by transverse force, seismic intensity fortification; Goods between, between goods and storage shelves and keep a safe distance between goods and fire pipeline, set aside fire sprinkler space; Storage shelves should also pay attention to the following: design warehouse shelves structure, application requirements, the equipment situation must be taken into account comprehensively, load properties, material supply and installation conditions, factors such as, selecting reasonable structure form, construction measures and production materials, technology, reasonable economy, safety, applicable, to ensure the quality. Shelves of dimensional tolerance, deformation and clearance shall comply with relevant standards. Have strict design program, no matter to the durability limit state or to the load limit state design shelf structure, have to comply with relevant standards, calculation. For major projects must pass through finite element calculation, the shelves composite strength, stiffness and stability of the comprehensive evaluation on the safety of under the action of the earthquake. For reuse standard shelves, want to have a general calculation. Calculated using the data must be based on or after the test is available. Shelf structure it is often difficult to accurate analysis from theory, must use the corresponding test to determine the parameters needed in design, also can be directly determined by testing the bearing capacity of the shelf structure or a component. Test reports, test equipment should be the qualified in national metrology calibration, inspection department. Shelves column column foot should correctly based on the concrete. Be clear shelves with ground connection way is to use embedded parts, the scheme of the secondary water or chemical bolts used directly connected with the ground. The diameter of the bolt, the embedment of small size, must be based on the actual load, seismic load and wind load, determined by calculation. 2. 4 m below the manual feeding of small shelves are not fixed. Fixed shelves pillar foundation concrete must be continuous curing 28 days, and bear corresponding pressure, uneven settlement of foundation to meet use requirement. Library shelves and storage base settlement value should be strictly controlled, to ensure the normal use of shelf structure. The library shelves and storage shelves should be paid attention to in the design of foundation and the building houses the separation of column base, prevent shelf structure forces cause the damage of the buildings. Follow the above seven principles, then it won't produce shelf collapses, shelf off paint, shelf deformation problems. So the choose and buy good shelf is not only not easy off paint, but also to the safety of the warehouse has a lot of help, you said a shelf, easy to deformation deformation of the day, cause the goods from the shelves and scattered or is more serious is that shelf collapses, so enterprise warehouse for safety or to choose and buy good shelves
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