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【 Shop management 】 The novice how to open a convenience store? It is very important to the four points _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
Many people like to open a convenience store, but would like to open the good is very difficult. Today' Hshelf shelf 】 To introduce the four novice will know, the main points of the quickly and have a look! 1, select the right mode of operation: join or proprietary ( 1) Would like to open a convenience store, generally have to join in and proprietary two modes to choose from. Choose the right business model, a convenience store business is half the battle. ( 2) Joining can enjoy open guidance and brand effect. But pay jiamingfei, monthly revenue into; And proprietary depend on oneself, all revenue into his pocket, but more hard work. 2, choose to open a shop location: low rents and high flow ( 1) Some beginners want to save costs, more consideration to the rent is cheap. But opened the door to do business, the most important thing is that some gas, rather than low rents. Can only make money enough popular. 3, the reasonable layout of goods: goods allocation proportion ( 1) Understand the optimal distribution ratio, for convenience store management is crucial, because it is related to you what is good to sell, can not be inventory backlog. ( 2) Community convenience store, for example, goods distribution proportion is water, drinks and snacks class accounts for about 40% than that of smoke by about 30%, other 30%. 4, expand sources of income: provide more additional services ( 1) The greatest characteristic of convenience stores is the convenience, but this convenience not only embodied in the commodity purchase convenient, but also in other additional services. ( 2) In addition to sales of daily commodities, the convenience store operators can also think of some way to provide customers with more additional services, such as sending and receiving express, bus card top-up and door-to-door delivery, etc. How about relevant article recommended the store atmosphere build convenience store shelf size and putting skills | supermarket convenience store shelves manufacturer
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