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Small and medium-sized supermarket to do fruits and vegetables?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-10

small supermarket stores of vegetables, fruits, do good or bad directly affect the passenger flow of stores, and fruits and vegetables we need every day, it's about people eat three meals a day, demand is rigid, but do bad, a lot of supermarkets and stores around the market and business street vendors are quite good, it shows that failed to reduce consumption, is that we failed to pass the measures to realize the confluence of the customer. How do small and medium-sized supermarkets to fruits and vegetables? Small and medium-sized supermarkets to understand what shortage of place in the business:

1, the food dealer stores passive. Most stores proprietary just from the hands of the vendors to sell again, rather than buying directly from the big market, lost in the local price advantage

2, stores in the control does not reach the designated position, in the daily management of the commodity inspection, transportation, storage, sorting and gretai, daily check is too thick, too few goods loss initiative and passive loss too big

3, in-store business item with street vendors are the same, just change sales site, purchase price is higher than the somebody else, improvement of control is better than the somebody else

4, normal price of commodity market research is not timely, the commodity price changes in the sales process is not timely

5, the staff is not strong sense of responsibility, lack of inner identity, cause work rigour is not strong, resulting in loss too big

6, sales site on the function of commodity and edible introduced does not reach the designated position, to do with the market and the difference of the vendor

7, employee performance appraisal with poor business performance correlation commodity

8, the operator individual management point of view, to believe in yourself too much while ignoring the facts.

so the right food in the store fruit how operation?

1, to set up the store are really & other; Small proprietary model & throughout; Replenish onr's stock, stores themselves to the local market, from the source area realized commodity price advantage

2, goods to the store after acceptance, made sorting processing ( Simple) , tell the ABC class and realize the price of the commodity business image and public praise, at the same time for customers to create commodities including hierarchy. Such as: apple, class A accounted for 30% of total gross margin of 50%; Class B 50% of the total amount, gross margin of 20%; Class C accounted for 20% of total gross profit margin - 10%, comprehensive theory can realize gross margin 28 after sales. 93% ( Not eliminate loss) 。

3, regular employees and managers of vegetables fruit commodity, commodity controls professional knowledge training, and as the focus of the performance review

4, daily store outlets around the market and competition of the city the work, every day, and adjust, increase daily commodity quality inspection and ready to do processing

5, in-store sales site on the function of commodity and edible introduced in place, to do with the market and the difference of the vendor

6, provide recommended daily recipes for the surrounding residents, guide the customer consumption

8, operator listens to the opinions of others, often to the market and the scene to understand the status of the management, attaches great importance to food fruit daily operating conditions, be based on facts of business strategy.

store food such as fruit fresh goods business lies in a careful, the sense of responsibility, diligent hands, hands, thinking, more communication will be store fresh management, implement product differentiation management bring traffic to the stores.

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