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by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
For a long time, the retail industry in the forefront of technological change, acting according to the market changes quickly. For example: the first USES the POS machine, the application of bar code, to go through the Internet to use electricity is retail technology, to create a model of change. But how to change in retail, cannot leave the nature of the sales, businesses need to more accurate analysis of demand information, faster response, reducing time and cost, improve efficiency. Is to meet demand at the consumer level, more accurate, happy where you could buy more cost-effective. Which one of the key role of commercial equipment - — Shelves. A lot of people don't know, suppliers in cooperation with a large number of shopping malls supermarkets, for shelf management itself is actually a university asked. Good level of terminal display, can promote the competitiveness of the retailer's shelf management, to drive sales growth. Supplier how to adjust to the terminal shelf management strategies and methods, in order to continuously improve terminal display level, promote the competitiveness of the retailer's shelf management, thereby giving impetus to the growth of sales? Product effect: 1 shelf management of two key factors: generally speaking, the retailers shelf management two key factors: one is the capacity, the second is location. 1, the capacity of shelf space capacity determines the velocity of the goods, directly affect the sales. So, retailers will first analysis velocity to confirm the shelf space capacity. This arrangement of shelf space capacity is to reduce as far as out of stock, more importantly, less out of stock will win customers continued satisfaction, it will promote retailers' competition ability. 2, the positional goods exhibition arrangements, to be more complex. Retailers consider that shelves better position brings greater sales, how to put more easily by the consumer to choose, is worth studying. Effect 2 products are the two basic points, retailers can use marketing lift sales, through reasonable shelf management continue to improve consumer confidence. And suppliers to promote retailers shelves control ability has a clear direction.
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