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Small shop shelves displayed points _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-19
The continuous development of small shops, in order to meet the demand of the put in order of small shops, shelves enterprises and developed a series of small store shelves, so small store shelves what are common planning? 1. Small islands off store shelves type planning put, is to point to in the center of the business place connected to settle into a different island method, set shelf small shop product arrangement in the center of the island. Small islands off store shelves type put strength: use of architectural features settle more products shelf; Decorate and beautify the premises; Environment full of change, make the customer to add shopping interest; Meet the full range of customers for a brand product demand. 2. Put small shop shelves and comfortable activity type, is lunch customers as the starting point, trying to make products of maximum limit to show the customer now. Small store shelves put strength: comfortable activity type planning adjustable, customers can through the various small shop shelves or arrangement; Can promote the customer's emotional purchase; Facilitate customer comfortable reading, eager feeling won't attack. 3. Small shop shelves put type planning according to the grid, grid planning is small shops products shelf arrangement square shape to the growth of the customer channel section is arranged, and each is consistent with vice channel width in the main, all small shop shelves in parallel to each other or right-angle alignment. Grid type planning advantages: full use of space; Shelves specification, facilitate customer shopping; Selecting the canonical shelves, can save money; To simplify the product and the security work.
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