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Small supermarket shelves design key points of layout

by:Hshelf     2020-05-31
Small supermarket is operating area of 100 square meters of less than, in the form of open free selling cigarettes, alcohol, daily provisions, such as popular for retail stores. Compared with large supermarkets, small supermarket has covers an area of small, less investment, less management etc, is more suitable for ordinary investors. Above for the back of the net type light supermarket shelf factory small supermarket can choose light steel shelves. This shelf section 200 yuan or so commonly, section 5 layer, 0. About 9 meters, 1 high. 6 meters. The owner can purchase shelves are combined according to the shop area, also can let turbine honestly help you put shelf layout designs for free. In each row of shelves with the end of the unified configuration, can make the shelf looks more beautiful, and increase the display area. In order to make the small supermarket coordination, integral style shelves should try to form a complete set. Above for the shelf factory back hole type light rack of supermarket shelves in place, can be close to the first 3 wall put 3 row of stores, to assume the & other Door & throughout; Glyph, middle place according to the area of the store put 2 to 6 row, to assume the orderly vertical emissions. Shelf between 0 apart. 6 meters, can let two adults to pass side by side. Shelves against the door of the end, end with landscape shelves as & other t” Words are complementary. End should be 2 meters from the door, left pile head position. Above for back of the net type light shelf factory production supermarket shelves in the design of shelf placement, to consciously use shelves to partition the commodities on display. According to the types of goods can generally be divided into small supermarket spice, non-staple food, daily necessities, tobacco, wine, tea, etc. Several functional areas. In the division, attention should be paid to will display shelves to put our best selling items in closer from the store entrance. Between the shelves and shelves of shopping channels to open, do not let the customer produce crowded feeling, to ensure that customers can easily choose and buy goods. Above for customers to use light supermarket shelves shelves factory rendering turbine cheng factory specializing in the production of various specifications, colors, shelf, light/medium/heavy/storage shelves, supermarket shelves, store shelves, merit goods shelves, etc. , and tags, hook, a full range of business super shelves basket and other accessories. Best quality, lowest price, can not do calibration, can provide amount of free space, shelf layout design. Welcome general customer friend to come to the advisory order.
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