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Some tips for you to choose a shelf

Some tips for you to choose a shelf


With the progress of the times and the improvement of people's living standards, supermarkets have become the main places for people to consume. Many entrepreneurs or supermarket owners want to open one or more supermarkets to realize their entrepreneurial ideals. There are a lot of problems with the location of the supermarket and the management of the store. Today, hshelf will explain the general supermarket shelf price and how to choose the supermarket shelf.

1 Matching degree of shelf in supermarket

The supermarket shelf must choose the color, style, material and size according to the decoration style of the store. Their supermarket is to choose all steel, steel wood or wood shelves need to be determined according to the actual needs, of course, the price of different materials is not the same. Color, style, now larger shelf manufacturers have different types for you to choose, size, manufacturers are generally door-to-door shop actual measurement to give a perfect solution.

2 Shelf quality

We all know that shelf is a product that needs to be used for a long time. Therefore, the supermarket must pay attention to the quality of the shelf. Next, hshelf gives you a few tips for assessing shelf quality


We must choose the ideal material according to the weight to be carried. It is suggested that the thickness of the laminate, the thickness of the column and the stability of the corbel should be understood first when purchasing. If the quality of any link is not up to standard, the subsequent use will be affected.

Welding quality

Welding quality is also a very important link affecting the shelf quality. It can be seen at a glance whether the welding is good or not. Generally, the quality control of large manufacturers is relatively strict. It is recommended that we choose larger manufacturers.

Uniformity and coverage of painting.

The surface of the paint is an important means to protect the shelf, so we should pay attention to when we choose.

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