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by:Hshelf     2020-05-30
Introduction: guangzhou supermarket shelves design personnel, under the elaborate design of through colorful these pictures in the composition of the goods and props, strongly attracted the attention of consumers. To attract customers, increase the rate of customers into the store, expand sales will play an important role.

ago, customer on supermarket shelves in guangzhou pursue natural and color. But in the past two years, customer demand is changing, in addition to practical, but also fashion and beautiful. Our guangzhou supermarket shelves not just help customer to sell things, more important is to help clients build a good business atmosphere, give customers a good shopping mood.

supermarket shelves is mainly refers to used in supermarkets, shopping malls, etc put items of storage shelves, etc.

supermarket shelves size generally 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm, the length of each row of supermarket shelves above for 3 cm ( Column a) ; Conventional color is white + red, white + green two kinds, supermarket shelves, need other colors will also design customized other color price to add 5% of supermarket shelves, refers to the red and green, here refers to the three places, side panel, front panel and color bars.

usually supermarket shelves back net is 0. 28 cm wire network, post general one. 2m 1. 5m. 1. 8 m three.

supermarket shelves placed & other; Although the principle & throughout; With & other; The principle of vertical & throughout;

1、“ Although the principle & throughout; : three groups of shelves, double side two groups of side frame, is conducive to the whole display effect and the whole channel be clear at a glance.

2、“ The principle of vertical & throughout; : surrounding for single frame, double sided shelves among, is beneficial to make full use of space, and choose the fast, the overall effect is best.

such as the big shelf company has a work earnestly, excellent management team, experienced professional technology can ensure the quality of in the customer need time to complete the product design, production, installation, until customer satisfaction.
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