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Stationery store shelf layout and design should pay attention to what _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturers today, for the store owner explained stationery store shelf layout and design should pay attention to what? 1, the determination of the cashier position for stationery store shelves display layout and design the influence of the register is stationery show an important promotion area, the determination of the counter sales area will be as established, the later after we open a shop of promotional display set up there will be a big help, need according to the structure size of the store and the layout characteristics of the shelf to choose. Many shops of the cash register in the position of the primer, this is typically in order to attract customers into the store and to the entire store in personnel have a good control effect, also can better go into the shop customers call, adjust the position of the cash register, make use of one of the biggest cash register to achieve. Stationery store shelves sizes of the 2, choosing reasonable layout due to different store structure size is different, we choose the size of the stationery store shelves will be different, the size of the stationery store shelves is made, it is very important, how to reasonably use the effective space of the store, and use the stationery store shelves of novelty to attract customers into the store, to maximize the display of goods, improve the sales of the layout of the shelves and design consideration, focusing on layout design to attract customers, put the stationery store shelves layout more attractive. 3, layout and design of the stationery store shelves need operators have good communication with designer operators more pay attention to the inside is store inside limited space enough as far as possible to increase the chances of commodity display, although better stationery store shelves can put a lot of goods, but not conducive to the customer to take goods, customize in stationery shop shelves, attention should be paid to the height of the stationery store shelves, not too high, also cannot too short, the aim is to improve their sales quotas, designers need according to their own professional knowledge and industry experience, improve the suggestion and scheme to operator, sometimes the idea of customers may be at odds with the market experience and industry standard, earnest careful communication with customers is very important, only in this way, can achieve the result of commercial design and actual operation conform to, to express their ideas as operators need to good at, and accept the advice of others.
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