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Storage shelves structure and material selection criteria

by:Hshelf     2020-06-15
Storage shelves structure and material selection standards

storage shelves structure of the general provisions of type, size, connection of steel shelves structure, structure should be according to the category of goods, quantity, size and access frequency as well as the types of storage and transportation machinery, type, performance and control mode, such as use requirement, through comprehensive comparison and analysis to determine. The roadway width of steel shelves structure should be based on forklift, stacker, or other requirement of the normal operation of the storage and transportation machinery and operation. Packaged the height of the shelf structure can be according to the forklift or other storage and transportation machinery hoisting capacity to determine; Monolithic unity and library type shelf is fixed shelf structure more, its height is usually can be used according to the requirement, usually should not be less than 6 m. Packaged goods shelves structure are usually made of several common vertical and several layers of connected to the vertical frame beam, the vertical frame beam width and length depends on the cargo size, vertical frame width is commonly 0. 8 to 1. 5 m, general beam length of 1. 0 ~ 4. 0m。 Integral structure and the joining together of base frame type shelf structure usually supported by several lattice column and the system composition, limb spacing and column points along the roadway in the direction of the column spacing shall be determined according to the size of cargo case. Determine the structure of steel shelves of goods, size, packing case and the clearance between crate and column value between YiQu 50 ~ 100 mm. Packaged frame column structure, fixed shelf structure of lattice column by subsection compression of limb and pillars truss chord, bearing compressive bar and other main compression member slenderness ratio should not be more than 150, other compression rod and support the slenderness ratio of compressive bar should not be more than 200; Slenderness ratio of tension components should not be more than 350, but the tension of round steel brace of slenderness ratio is not subject to this restriction. Shelves pillar shall be set at the bottom of the plate. Packaged goods shelves of the structure of the general facility at the bottom of the frame column anchor for constructing fixed only; Fixed shelf structure column shall be the basis of anchorage.

production storage shelves selection criteria is introduced: 2. 0. Article 1 steel shelves bearing structure steel, should according to their importance, load characteristics, connection methods, using the environment details such as the steel grade and material choice. Bearing structure of the steel is usually appropriate USES the carbon structural steel ( GB700-88) Regulation of Q235 steel and low alloy steel ( GB1591-88) 16 manganese steel. When have reliable according to, can use other steel grade. 2. 0. Article 2 working temperature is equal to or less than 20 ℃ unfavorable use Q235A steel shelves bearing structure, class B rimming steel. 2. 0. Article 3 the bearing structure of steel should have tensile strength, elongation, yield point ( Or yield strength) And qualified guarantee of sulphur, phosphorus content, the carbon content of welding structure is should have qualified assurance, of cold bending steel still should have cold bending test qualified. 2. 0. Four connection of steel shelves structure materials shall meet the following requirements: a, manual welding electrode, shall comply with the current carbon steel electrode and the provisions of the low alloy steel welding electrode, selection of electrode model should be adapted to the main metal strength. 2, automatic and semi-automatic welding welding with welding wire, should comply with the current of the welding wire, selection of welding wire and flux should be adapted to the main metal strength. Three, gas shielded welding should be adopted in accordance with the current regulations on the welding wire of contain manganese, silicon contour of deoxidizing elements of the alloy steel welding wire. Four, appropriate USES ordinary bolt 'carbon structural steel' ( GB700-88) Regulation of Q235 steel production. Five, the high strength bolts should be consistent with the current steel structure with high strength and great hex bolt, hex nut, washer type size and technical conditions 'or' steel structure with vice type torsional shear type high strength bolt connection size and technical conditions '. Six, anchor bolt can be used 'carbon structural steel' ( GB700-88) Regulation of Q235 steel and low alloy steel ( GB1591— 88). 16 manganese steel production.

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