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Store shelves factory customized how to more effectively use the shelf

by:Hshelf     2020-06-02
Introduction: guangzhou supermarket shelves to help build a supermarket atmosphere, make customers happy shopping environment. To create a good shopping mood, not just a simple display of goods.

shelves of reasonable structure, solid and durable, environmental protection and beautiful shelf image determines its broad prospects for development, not only can improve the image of the product, more can promote the environmental image of the enterprise.

guangzhou supermarket shelves factory customized how to more effectively use shelves specific as follows: 1. Shelf handling equipment. Now whether to have the shelves of the equipment, if have, need to consider the radius of gyration of equipment, equipment width and other factors. 2. The ground of the warehouse itself bearing level, the digital needs from main backer. This parameter is very important, if your warehouse ground bearing only 1 ton, shelf bearing five tons, the deformation of the ground subsidence or necessarily, heavy even collapse, cause safety accidents. Don't only consider high shelves in order to save space construction, consider the basic of high shelves storage material weight. 3. Factory shelf layout. Many enterprises are under construction in shelf only focus on the shelf space utilization problem, ignoring the logistics concept. Must pay attention to the liquidity shelves after construction material, because the layout is different, the size of the shelves, bearing, loading and unloading equipment and so on various aspects may be different. 4. Electronic systems. If money is enough, you can consider some relatively high technical content of equipment. Automated library, forklift directly picking system, etc. Need to check in advance whether can the existing warehouse management system and these system docking. If there is a problem, still need further development, the development expenses shall be included in the shelves of the construction of the project. For existing in the traditional warehouse management of inventory information opaque information transmission lag issues, with technology as the core, the design is based on the automation of warehouse management system. On the system requirements analysis, system architecture and function module is given, and automatic data collection through radio frequency technology library sorting take inventory warehouse outbound links such as data, realize the data real-time transmission, enhance the level of warehouse management. Logistics warehouse management system architecture article number Chinese library classification, network connection, meet the management of liquidity operation, this paper presents a technology as the core, combined with wireless network communication technology of automated warehouse management system solutions, effective tracking storage with the progress of society and the rapid development of market economy, the industry break in my goods from one repository sorting inventory outbound each circulation link, such as to enterprises from the watch ^ monitor occupies a core position in the library, the coming of the era of large circulation with the speed and scale of the growing logistics, warehouse at higher concentration, the service scope, cycle shortened, throughput significantly increased average daily, warehouse management is more and more complex, for automatically based on the automation of warehouse management system requirements analysis the demand of the warehouse management system is becoming more and more obvious.

guangzhou embellish of shelves with distribution as the main body of modern logistics function, increasingly brought to the attention of the company, the core of the modern logistics is the use of advanced technology, equipment and management for sales to provide accurate, advanced, efficient service. Guangzhou shelf manufacturing company with the professional spirit of the pursuit of endless, perfect and thoughtful pre-sale service system, efforts to create a more ideal design for the customer's storage shelves supermarket shelves display shelves series products.
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