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Store shelves factory shelves in addition to smell what method

by:Hshelf     2020-06-02
Introduction: supermarket shelves in the shelf system is very safe, can effective display a variety of items such as clothes, shoes, vases, stationery, tools, etc. , and also be on display at the same time with the people and the brand product, so virtually can generate brand effect.

supermarket shelves design should guarantee the goods display shelves have the appropriate size and space, make the product can effectively demonstrate its decorate level to arrange the different varieties, vertically to show the same varieties of different specifications and grades. Proper space for the goods not only vertically, and provide convenience for salesman shelves, loaning, clean.

guangzhou supermarket shelves factory shelves in addition to smell what method

guangzhou supermarket shelves factory shelves in addition to the peculiar smell of methods: baking soda in addition to flavor: take 500 grams of sodium bicarbonate partial shipments within the two wide mouth bottle, open the bottle caps, placed on shelves or in the supermarket shelves, peculiar smell can divide. Lemon in addition to flavor: the lemon cut into small pieces, placed in the cases, can eliminate peculiar smell. Orange peel in addition to flavor: 500 g fresh oranges, eating oranges, put the orange peel wash wipe dry, scattered into the shelves inside. Three days later, open the exhibition shelves, fragrant flavor and odor. Charcoal in addition to flavor: take a suitable amount of charcoal, grinding in a small bag, in cases, in addition to taste the effect well.

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