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Supermarket cashier 丨 checkout manufacturers

by:Hshelf     2020-06-12
Introduction: the cashier industry research report is mainly analyzed the cashier industry market size, market demand for the cashier at the checkout, market competition conditions and main business situation, the cashier checkout market mainly the market share of the enterprise, at the same time of the register industry make scientific predictions about the future.

now snack industry is a large supermarket, and these large supermarkets everywhere, also because of the large supermarket has gathered many commodities, choose the type is more, we are willing to go to shopping, but also had a feeling of shopping supermarket, go together as one of a kind of recreational activity. But large supermarket also has its own disadvantages, browsed a supermarket knows, the choose and buy goods is very easy, but want to check is always a long queue, especially in the rush hour, from work or holiday mall people mountain people sea, in order to check is to wait for a long time. For you may chat with friends in queuing up at the checkout the why not set up several supermarket, or other ways to speed up the cashier of such kind of problem. We embellish of shelves here also summarizes the influencing factors of settlement velocity: remove the cashier operation speed, is the number of customers goods and pay cash or credit card consumption, usually brush calorie of consumption may be waste of time. But in view of the large supermarket is also can consider for those who buy a few things and pay by cash to set up a quick checkout, allow them to quickly check without delay time waiting in line. Supermarket checkout counter can also let the customer through surrounded the commodities at the time of waiting in line to the choose and buy goods, can eliminate the customer long queue of be agitated feeling. So what around the cashier to put goods more appropriate? Let's take a look at: 1. Suitable for new products this month ( Must have a certain scale of advertising light box piece or acrylic stand brand publicity) , buy goods, To increase the area of outstanding cost performance and gold selling point) , the points for gifts and gifts, etc. Because the counter relative to back ark is semi-closed, so product advertising and the visual impact is very important, gold selling point to tightly to follow. 2. Appropriate to put the current seasonal products and personal care products (introduced in the new Belong to multipoint display, category area and new brand shop still have this kind of product) , but also shoulds not be too miscellaneous, not suitable for place need a long time to introduce products. 3. Propaganda in-store members rights for the production, product information, product jointly and severally, women's health, such as content, simply made no clear selling point of manufacturers of advertising, will be a bit of a single. Advertising need to be able to change the content at any time. ? Embellish of shelves answer you also satisfied? If you are looking for, shelves have objection, the explanation of the counter or you want to learn more knowledge about the shelves, online waiting for and you communication, shelves, or directly call, shelves - 020 31001639
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