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Supermarket display rack, cosmetic rack, boutique showcase, product display rack

by:Hshelf     2021-02-25
u003cpu003eSupermarket display rack, cosmetic rack, boutique showcase, product display rack, product parameters Model: SD-41   Whether it is available for pre-sale: No Color classification: length 60*width 30*three layers 1.6 thickness Additional function: disassembly multifunctionalu003c/ pu003eu003cpu003e   Place of Origin: Jiangsu Province Material: Wood-based Panels Type: Other materials: Steel frame: 20*40 square steel pipe integrated frame, exterior paint treatment, rust-proof, moisture-proof, strong load-bearing board: European E1 environmentally friendly particleboard , Full edge banding, melamine surface, the same color on both sides, uniform color, good hand feeling, scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant and scald-resistant. Steel frame color: side frame: white/black plate color: white/black oak/white maple/light walnut/teak/black walnut baby price: the price is the price of a single set of bookshelves, you can choose to buy according to your needs Several sets of bookshelves (the length of 1.8 meters is three vertical shelves, and the other length is two vertical shelves!!!)u003c/pu003eu003cpu003e  User evaluation:   The shelves are very good, the wood and iron shelves are very good, and the assembly is also very convenient Just installed, it looks very good. A very good shelf, very stable, not afraid of shaking. It's just that the color of the front panel and the back panel are slightly different. The store’s service is very good and patient.  The goods are okay~the shelf is quite solid~that is, 0 points for logistics. It doesn't count for more than ten days from Jiangsu to Zhejiang. No one unloaded the goods on the first floor. The quality of the 0-point logistics shelf is good. There are small bumps on the road and the customer service solves it in time, and the service is good. The haze affects the logistics too slow. The customer service has helped urging for several days. I want to cry. It’s too slow and I haven’t installed it yet, but it’s really convenient. The 180 shot was changed to 120 midway. I also troubled the customer service. I was very satisfied with a shopping, thank you! ! ! Will come next time if needed! ! ! u003c/pu003eu003cpu003e   I just settled today, very good. Simple and elegant. The planks are very thick. Very good, the installation method is also very simple. There is a problem on the roof. When repairing, I just stepped on the shelf and went up. Nothing. I thought this bookshelf would shake very badly. I did not expect the quality to be so good. I didn’t install customer service at the beginning, and I also helped patiently explain that the boss’s delivery was very timely, but the logistics was a day slower than expected, but this does not affect my opening. The praise is full of praise. The picture does not look very good. After arriving at home with black frame and white maple color panels, I found that black and white maple color match so perfectly, it will continue to be cheaper than other houses! ! ! !  The quality of the shelves is very good and they are very strong. There is no place to stock up the goods in the store. The price is cheaper than our physical one. Baby received! The delivery is fast, the quality is good, the installation is easy, the color is not error, and I am very happy to be able to buy such good things.   Very good shelf, tools provided by the store, easy to install, and will come to buy if neededu003c/pu003e
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