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Supermarket shelf factory need to achieve what kind of effect

by:Hshelf     2020-05-22
Ordinary supermarket shelves, mesh by adding borders, and insert link according to the structure and the screw connection, make shelf as a whole more stable, more convenient mobile, luxury and beauty of exterior bearing force strong, norms diversity, is suitable in shop, large and medium-sized supermarkets, chain stores. Single shelf can be any combination, layer spacing according to goods size adjusted, single shelf can be combined in the corner matching. Double sided and semicircle form a complete set of combination, make the store layout to achieve a more perfect effect. The biggest factors affecting supermarket shelves factory sales is traffic, it is very important to consider the traffic laws, in a convenience store choices open place always tries to potential passenger flow at most, the most concentrated place, so that the majority of people to buy goods. Word choice anywhere of concentrated passenger flow, the distance nearer the passenger flow, the customer's door to door rate. There is also a very important factor is the study of the competitors, the number of convenience stores and competitiveness, try to choose from a large supermarket or a brand chain store is far away, don't choose the convenience store too many places. The last is the influence of family, family directly affect the layout of the convenience store, so the choice of family be careful, pay attention to the convenience store the standard width of a room in an old-style house, also is the width of the entrance, generally 3 meters above the best, the depth of the convenience store, is four times of the width of the entrance, try not to choose the room there is bearing beam or partition wall of the room, this is not conducive to the layout, also affect the customer's line of sight. About the choice of the convenience store shelves, mainly pay attention to several aspects: choosing the right size, the best looking for local distributors or manufacturers, asking them to design. Choose the color of the style, each store has its own decorate a style, so the color of the shelf will goes with this style and give the customer a good visual effect.
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