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Supermarket shelves according to how to choose

by:Hshelf     2020-05-21
Supermarket shelves tailors how to choose the supermarket wooden shelf material good, show level, the traditional wooden shelf is suitable for small and medium-sized supermarkets, bearing force behind the iron shelves, so the best is to display high-quality goods, items, cosmetics and other such items, also appears on the product level together. Visual perception is also a chic all have emotional appeal. Wooden shelves are common in large supermarkets, large wooden shelves in the supermarket large bearing capacity, plate thick, usually to be used for corn flour and vegetables, etc. Except the two shelves, of course, there are many, like bread shelf, usually single wall shelves, assisted the shelves, and so on. Supermarket shelves of the breed is too much, not the same local should choose different suitable supermarket shelves, to keep all the supermarket looks more beautiful, generous, also let the supermarket space appear orderly and have layers. Also let people to the supermarket shopping experience supermarket shelves brings the convenience to human life and convenience. Before, we roughly introduces the supermarket shelves of different varieties and different ultra picking, so today is to talk about the different supermarkets should use what kind of supermarket shelves. Small small convenience stores, grocery stories such as common stock, a row of will need to show a variety of products, so picking up a ladder shaped, supermarket shelves best step by step back layer type, this type of supermarket shelves need to structure a brief, convenient combination, does not occupy a space. Usually use 20 * 40 square tube or kneading profile mesh back shelf, center shelves specification is 900 * 350 * 1350 mm, wall shelves specification is 900 * 350 * 1800 - 2000 mm, pillar thickness of steel 1. 5 mm, the thickness of the layer board 0. 5 - 0. 6 mm, mesh wire 3 mm. This kind of supermarket shelves cost is low, the investor is also relatively compared to worry. Community types of practice is a small supermarket, supermarket is a small sparrow, all-sided. Products also need high circulation, fresh. Supermarket shelves exquisite selection should seek, bearing performance, usually colour needs the cooperation principle, cooperative product display, center shelves specification is 900 - 1200 * 430 * 1400 - Shelves specification is 900-1800 - mm against the wall 1200 * 430 * 2000 - 2400 mm, usually 30 * 50 mm pipe pillars, one back or hole hole double back, base best is detachable type, convenient adjustment. Pillar 1 steel thickness. 8 - 2 mm, layer board, the back steel 0. 7 mm, the investor will usually choose 1200 * 530 * 2000 - The shelves of 3000 mm, is actually quite a waste of resources, a 3000 - square - meter shelves can save 5 - 100000 yuan contribution. Large supermarket and hypermarket operating at the same products, with the same supermarket shelves selection, center using 1200 - shelves 1330 * 530 * 1400 - Shelves with 1200-2400 mm specification against the wall 1330 * 530 * 2400 - Steel 30-3000 mm specification, pillars * 80-40 90 * 2. 5 - 3 mm, thickness of layer board back zero. 8 mm, shelves for double back for good, fittings choose contrast more, also usually sell more in the majority with 1200 mm length shelves, deploying to facilitate necessary claims 1200 length, 1250 and more than 1330 mm in length for foreign codes.
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