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Supermarket shelves commonly used commodity exhibition display _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
1. Classification of display. Such as electrical classification on the shelf, put is TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines and so on electrical goods, let a guest at a glance, and can let a guest in different brands to compare different prices of commodities. This is the way life are frequently used in the supermarket. 2. Theme display. Just as its name implies is around a topic to display goods, such as every Christmas, valentine's day holiday, such as the stores in the area will have a shelf of goods associated with the holiday, and supermarket shelves shelves will decorate very attract people's attention, build the atmosphere of a festival, so as to contribute to sales. 3. End display. On both ends of the so-called end of shelf, believes that many people will notice that the two ends of the convenience store shelves supermarket cabinet will often put a few goods, end is in a very independent very eye-catching place of the shelves, can display a variety of goods, increase customer's purchase at will. 4. Prominent display. This is actually a more abrupt manner. As you walk, and then the front there is a pile of goods is blocking your way, your subconscious will go to pay attention to what is this, then you will find that these things are not bad, affordable price, finally you will be dropped in to buy a piece of such goods, even if you did not buy this product before to shopping plan. 5. Associated display. This way also can be said to be the joint display, is associated with products put together. Put shoes shelf, for example, you can put in next to the edge of leather shoes shelf about leather goods, shoe polish, etc. 6. Hang on display. Such tools is to use the hook to hang the goods on shelves, put this way are generally small goods, sales is good, because such all-round display goods is easy to attract the attention of people. Information: similar appearance of supermarket shelves, why the price difference is so big supermarket shelves general price, how to choose the supermarket shelves? Supermarket shelves pricelist, supermarket shelves note only 3 for supermarket shelves selection shelf manufacturer to tell you: supermarket shelves and how much will it cost?
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