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Supermarket shelves company which is good, what's good? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
Supermarket shelves company which is good, what's good? When it comes to Hshelf supermarket shelves in the classic, can definitely among Japanese gusset plate rack. In this type of all steel shelves in Hshelf shelves 'predecessors', through the market survey for decades, is still the same quality, durable, is the first choice for many old customers new shop shelves. Literally open customer evaluation and rave reviews. 1. Raw material is better since steel shelves, the most important raw material is steel. The Japanese gusset plate racks, baosteel steel products by the national no. 1 brand, as the world's top 500 enterprises, baosteel keep long-term stable cooperative relations with gm, its quality can be seen. For exhibition stand the feeling of hardness, strength and quality of strict requirements, Hshelf choose baosteel steel products exhibition frame, from the source to ensure the quality of the products. 2. Lower prices this supermarket shelves of high cost performance, compared with the similar style of ashkenazi shelves, down 30%. , of course, in terms of its layer board thickness contrast ashkenazi shelves, relatively thin some, but by the high quality steel forging steel layer board, bearing up to 150 jins, carrying weight is not a problem entirely. 3. Appearance more beautiful shelves with full welding welding technology, it realizes the seamless connection of steel frame, the appearance of make it looks more beautiful. After welding the raised portion, finely ground to level off. 4. End of the three selected end supermarket shelves with diamond nets, square nets, side side without side net three, according to display goods from the customers choose the right style. In general, the diamond side net, fashionable and abound change, which can effectively prevent commodity slide; Square side net, soft, no side mesh model is more simple. 5. The location of the flexible layer board is not fixed. Customers can be adjusted according to the height of the goods on their own layer board of spacing between up and down. Relevant article recommended one direction: standard supermarket shelves boutique supermarket shelves wholesale manufacturers preferred small supermarket shelves put the four skills
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