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Supermarket shelves design view you have noticed? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
Guangzhou today Hshelf manufacturer to explain the supermarket shelves design perspective you need to pay attention to problem and help you are layout design. One, the height of the tilt Angle of view as supermarket goods shelves should not be too high or too low, because too much people can't get, too low bow and feel very trouble, so we in the supermarket inside of one of the most comfortable height should be moderate, such as we take on products, to make the goods more easy to see tilted. And the arrangement of the arc, you also can let the customer feel more cordial. Second, consider more goods seen by customers want to selling products to the supermarket, affirmation is to let the goods had been seen by the customer, and can satisfy the customer's consumption. If the guest has been looking for something, but because this thing is too high or too low and did not help him find, this will let us lose the customer directly. Our sales will not come naturally. Supermarket to pass all this information to consumers, let the consumer can see more goods for their choice. Satisfy their shopping desire. Three, perpendicular to the vertical perspective to choose products, most of them are belong to us in the supermarket frozen ark or the domestic products. For such markets will make our intuitive understanding to our products and we want to select products, will be more let customers choose our products. And to design the product in the form of the vertical Angle of shelves, also can let more people don't need to take time to choose products too. Four, according to the type of partition when we design our container, must put products all partitions, because the product is divided into areas, also facilitate our customers area to visit the straightforward, area to buy, in this design, will not let customers spend much time in the supermarket. And according to the kind of partition, can let our supermarket look clean and tidy, organized and orderly.
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