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Supermarket shelves display adjustment steps and methods

by:Hshelf     2020-06-12
In the process of management of supermarket, the supermarket shelf display of goods is very important. And of course a store shelves of goods on display are needed to be able to reflect these situations: 1, the structure of the store of goods. 2, the main product category and brand of the store. 3, categories of goods brand, and the contribution of item. 4, the local customer spending habits. 5, stores goods the ABC classification. So how to effectively use the shelves for the merchandising stores, to maximize the item's contribution to their value and can be adjusted according to actual situation it is very important. Here is a brief analysis of the main steps of the adjustment of the shelf display and key points, we in small classes, for example: 1, the first statistical categories in each category of the goods shelves display structure, can be computer-generated hand-painted, mainly including small class shelves display area, layer number of shelves, each item's location, possession of the row of each item number, each item commodity code, after the completion of the detailed check to avoid mistakes. Figure 2, through the statistics of hand-drawn or computer, in the background check each item sales ( Can according to the conditions of the query time length) , sales amount, gross margin, and marked on the drawing. 3, through the category of the back-end systems do query stage ( Small class) Item - sales analysis - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Commodities contribution analysis (ABC Need to do system reflect after monthly statement) And in annotating drawings marked on every item of the specific category ( Class A, class B and class C) 。 Figure 4, annotating hand drawn or computer according to the requirements of gold display check the item on display in the class of small ( High margin products display, product display location display position, necessities, obsolete goods display position, etc. ) Whether conform to the requirements. 5, to display the wrong item ( The contribution of item and display position discrepancy) Drawings, detailed indicate the specific location and the number of row of adjusted, at the same time, combining with the season, activities, such as brand, commodity packaging reality finally locate on display. 6, will eventually small goods shelf display layout perfect ( The work can be completed by computer, if not a skill can hand-painted effect) Detailed study, the relevant person in charge of organization, understand the specific meaning, prepare specific adjustment time and steps ( Advice from the start to carry out the category, head of the all-the-way tracking, learning) 。 7, according to the principle of who management, who is in charge of by department head and partition tally personnel to adjust. 8, one to three months after the adjustment, this kind of goods shelf area sales comparison, the effect is very obvious. Except the above steps to open new stores, because there is no convincing data in the short term.
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