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Supermarket shelves factory opened commodity put 'insider'

by:Hshelf     2020-06-12
As the pace of life more and more quickly, the supermarket has become an essential part of people's life, but have you noticed that supermarket shelves of goods put lurks a dirty little secret. Supermarket shelves factory opened for you arrange goods & other; Insider & throughout; 。 Fresh milk is usually placed in the most inside. In every supermarket milk, yogurt, packaged cooked meat food shelves, such as the human eye, while in the past, the first to see, on the outside of goods, date of production is not up to date, almost all the rely on to put the production date in the past, that is to say, & other; The fresh & throughout; 。 Of supermarket, the middle layer is the earliest production date, and put the production date of upper and lower layer relatively close, almost all the customers to shopping, eyes will focus on the shelves of in the middle of the above goods sold the fastest, a lot of customers from the middle of the shelf. How to put the goods, is a kind of marketing strategy, the supermarket put goods according to the different positions, to a great extent can promote sales. Usually, profits larger items, put on the right, because most people use the right hand, so always likes to get things right. Some less fresh food, usually also will put in this position. Understand this rule, in the choose and buy, you will not be supermarket & other; Fool & throughout; .
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