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Supermarket shelves factory what key points about the new item

by:Hshelf     2020-06-12
Introduction: supermarket, has achieved the effect of blossoming, even is ubiquitous, it also can see how strong they are competitive, but each one is inseparable from the guangzhou the use of supermarket shelves, thus the supermarket shelves with has the how important status in the supermarket.

with the improvement of economic level, the steps of the supermarket industry also in leap, large and small supermarket, also gradually to expand their business scope and scale. Supermarket shelves is the carrier of supermarket goods, on the key issues, deeply the general friend's attention. Supermarket shelves, what are the standard supermarket shelves with guangzhou factory, we have to get to know about it.

supermarket is shopping for the convenience of people, its biggest characteristic is the product easy to see on supermarket shelves, easy to get, easy to find, how to make the goods on display in supermarket shelves, tell the customer the goods charm, and is located, this is supermarket shelves commodity put the biggest problem, is also the biggest challenge. Merchandising position, will directly affect the performance of the supermarket. Supermarket shelves factory for goods is put on the method and the matters needing attention of 1, should have when using supermarket shelves and layer board corresponding insulation board, insulation material plate will be similar to the two goods is separated, one can prevent different commodity mix, can timely find a commodity is out of stock. 2, if the goods put at the forefront of supermarket shelves layer board, it won't appear such products, small quantity is little, which will affect the improvement of the sales and reduce. 3, shelves commodity price: the price of fruit juices, dairy products shall be the date of production on the same side, general merchandise are marked on the right of the goods. Facilitate customers see the production date and the price of this product to customers with maximum convenience. 4, small, light, the bubble of goods shall be on supermarket shelves in the section, the interests of the goods, give a person the goods should be on supermarket shelves at the top, convenient for people to find, attract consumer purchasing power; Higher-priced goods, differentiated goods, goods bred, Mr Samaras goods should be on supermarket shelves in the middle area of the gold, this section is a place where people have attracted the most attention, also is the fastest part of product sales, is the region of the product sell like hot cakes, Large goods, cheap products on supermarket shelves of the next paragraph, so it can reasonably the supermarket shelves of limited space. 5, when customers shopping goods is associated by additional purchases, this kind of goods on display in order to arrange related even is the most effect, both associated times.

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