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Supermarket shelves layout how only then to be perfect in summer

by:Hshelf     2020-06-14

summer has arrived, with statistics, this year's summer supplies consumption to earlier than in the past, and the supermarket discount activity is also the early start online, one can see in the supermarket to the supermarket shelves above the rows of drinks and discount advertising.

in recently, with the increase of temperature, material consumption will warm up some summer, beverage, sunscreen, sunscreen, mosquito nets, mosquito coils, pad, pad, and other commodities has become a popular products on supermarket shelves, especially drinks, can be said to be the best beverage in all the goods or sell goods, in full on supermarket shelves, everywhere are all kinds of drinks.

enter since June, in the supermarket goods shelves, especially all kinds of drink bottled products, there is an obvious growth, so as to promote strength increases, the new version whether summer goods, or a variety of brand promotion products, beverage always occupies an important position.

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