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Supermarket shelves near private brand products

by:Hshelf     2020-05-23
Recently, in a supermarket, a surprise discovery, in each big supermarket, there are already products sold in the supermarket shelves, you don't say this strange, anyway, we saw a supermarket is the direction of development. Which are known to do a line, all need time focus on the development of this line and the discovery of novel, and I mainly in supermarket shelves this piece, whether supermarket shelves price changes, or the emergence of other products, I am very attention, and the best way to check out the supermarket. It doesn't, and I have a new found that at wal-mart, China resources vanguard and other large supermarket shelves, xi however the emergence of the products of their own, everyone know, general supermarkets are selling belongs to the products of other companies, and a fee from the formalities, and their products, that means what, did you think of?
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