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Supermarket shelves need to choose from which Angle

by:Hshelf     2020-05-16
Supermarket shelves norms diversity, not only the main architect is very strong, supermarket shelves is beautiful and easy. Is designed with the time synchronization, a period flavor. It is divided into single supermarket shelves, and both can be used in combination, bring more the variability of the single side with corner supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves can also double supermarket shelves can also be used with semicircle supermarket shelves, itself is also a composite structure, tear open outfit is convenient, can match a variety of accessories, this is its flexibility. Supermarket shelves of the height can be adjusted so that can widely used in the large supermarket, large shopping centers, even if it is convenience store can also be applied. From beautiful degree, it can and large business super fuses in together, bring new ideas to shopping, can well improve the corporate image. Surface is also using epoxy resin electrostatic pensu processing, anticorrosion, on the surface of the diversity in color, can customize according to customer needs. Security, supermarket shelves of arm root appropriate widened also effectively increased the bearing capacity of the corbel, supermarket shelves of layer board can also widen the lengthen, meet the demand of the large volume of the dealer, can better use. Column footing and welded together at the same time, increase the bearing capacity. It also ensure the safety of the supermarket shelves.
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