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Supermarket shelves of the matters needing attention

by:Hshelf     2020-05-18
Should make full use of the function of the supermarket shelves, not only bring benefits to the supermarket, also can make the space more rationalization. Detail decides success or failure, and care in the use of supermarket shelves, mainly based on the following three points: 1. In the use of the supermarket shelves, clean is essential. Only look neat and clean supermarket shelves in order to attract consumers. While ensure clean and tidy, supermarket shelves users should regularly conduct examination of the supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves use normal. 2. In general, the average human vision is from 110 to 120 degrees, the width of the visual range of 1. 5 m to 2 m, the perspective of shopping on foot in the shop to 60 degrees, the visual range is 1 m. So businessmen should combine the visual habit of consumers, in the use of supermarket shelves, to ensure the products on display surface, improve the probability of purchase. 3. General supermarket shelves, a total of five layer from above number 3, 4, 5 is one of the largest shelf sales, especially the layer 3 and consumers basic parallel to the line of sight, stretched out his hand, the convenience of consumers choose, is also the largest sales. The reasonable use and care of supermarket shelves, not only can prolong the life of supermarket shelves, also can bring more benefits, make the space more reasonable.
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