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Supermarket shelves product display why will display in the eyes to the height of the chest?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-23
Introduction: before, customer on supermarket shelves in guangzhou pursue natural and color. But in the past two years, customer demand is changing, in addition to practical, but also fashion and beautiful. Our guangzhou supermarket shelves not just help customer to sell things, more important is to help clients build a good business atmosphere, give customers a good shopping mood.

guangzhou supermarket shelves design personnel, under the elaborate design of through colorful these pictures in the composition of the goods and props, strongly attracted the attention of consumers. To attract customers, increase the rate of customers into the store, expand sales will play an important role. Supermarket shelves product display why will display in the eyes to the height of the chest?

1。 Because the height is the main product sales, consumers are the first idea. So we should put high-margin products in this area.

2。 Usually the upper shelves its height is narrow, so the volume of products in the lower shelf so that it can store more inventory.

3。 Low profit and larger volume should be on the lower shelf layer.

4。 Suppose we put a series of products are the least popular tastes in the eyes to the height of the chest, the consumer will see at the first glance, Is likely to buy) Consumers still will then bent down to pick up the best products. Display way, so these can increase the purchase rate to sell poor taste.

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