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by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
Convenience store supermarket shelves display of 20 standard 1, all the goods and keep finger between layer board high wide, keep spare space in lower level; 2, goods display rule is according to the principle of brand, color depth, high and low prices, the same series of goods on display in from top to bottom, from left to right for the order, since the childhood to categorize display; 3, product surface ( There are Chinese side) Forward, display, cargo enough plump; 4, shelves, a clearance sale of merchandise, near the completion of the goods after the row free surface; 5, to 11, the shortage of goods temporarily out of stock, and indicating the date of out of stock and delivery time; 6, shelves, there can be no defect, expired goods; 7, all out of stock to keep open, can't use other commodities filled; 8, the product surface display, determine the changes will not be accepted, if there are special circumstances, shall be signed by the manager agreed to rectify; 9, the item of the goods surface to keep at least 18 cm - 20cm; 10, goods on the shelf display must comply with the principle of classification of goods; 11, display of goods on the shelf must comply with the principle of classification of goods; 12, the sale of goods is due to shelf sales can't satisfy the needs of customers special display to the products of side frame, pile head; 13, the sale of goods is seasonal, cargo adequate, low price, high margin products. 14, a pile head displaying an item in principle, 34, not more than two kinds, and low prices of goods on display in the front; 15, height of pile head display of goods should be in 1. 4 m or so; 16, pile head and former N frame alignment, the main display of the pile head shall be as a straight line; 17, clearance, negative gross margin commodities for pile head display; In the 18th and pile head display goods must have the card board ( Pallet) At the bottom, the goods can not directly contact with the ground; 19, pile head display canned goods not more than 2 pattern, and the carton face, can not leave a gap between the two cases; 20, pile head display of goods and card board size shall prevail, not beyond; The profits and risks of relevant article recommended to open a convenience store? How to attract repeat customers? The convenience store boss do convenience store shelves display the trick
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