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Suzhou supermarket shelf

by:Hshelf     2020-01-09

I don't know if you have carefully observed the supermarket? In fact, the display of all items in the supermarket is regular. Because only in this way can all items be made clear in front of customers. So, today we will take a look at the skills of Suzhou supermarket shelves?

first, grasp people's right hand habit. In fact, in the general big supermarket. The Shopping Channel is a road that is flat enough and wide enough. It is precisely because of the existence of this reason that the customer's stay time in the supermarket can be continuously extended. In addition, everyone is used to holding items with their right hand under normal circumstances. Therefore, the items most wanted to be sold in the supermarket can be placed on the right side of the main shopping lane to arouse customers' desire to buy.

Second, the 'color' attractive placement technique is very important. In the placement of Suzhou supermarket shelves, you can clearly understand: supermarkets will install small pink lights on the top of the meat cabinet, but in fact. You should have had such experience. When the meat is bought back home, it will not be as fresh as it is seen in the supermarket.

Third, there is a need to accurately find the location of the children's goods, generally, parents with children at home will lead their children into the supermarket when they go to the supermarket, therefore. In the process of selling children's goods, they need to be displayed according to the following three principles: 1. Place their favorite items in the place where children must pass. For example, put snacks on the escalator in the supermarket. 2, the average mother will take the children to the supermarket more likely, so in the process of placing the shelves in Suzhou supermarket, children's products can be placed near the necessities of women.

The above are some simple placement techniques for Suzhou supermarket shelves. Don't underestimate these placement techniques! Reasonable use of such techniques can greatly increase the sales of supermarket items! If major supermarkets need Hshelf Shop Shelving, you can also call 'Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd. ' at any time. There are many kinds of high-quality shelves for you to choose from.

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